• New Man

    Todays Trends

    The time when a men’s haircut had to be simple and modest is over. Today’s styles for guys feature dramatic contrasts of length and textures, as well as interesting styling – wet look, tousled hair, spikes, men are not just limited to short back and sides any more.

    New Man
  • luscious Hair

    Full of Vitality

    Long, thick, bouncy, beautifully voluminous hair tends to be a sign of vitality and youthfulness, as far as society is concerned, and often times, it just makes us feel pretty and feminine. So as long as my hair looks healthy, shiny, and full of life, I don’t care what age I am, I will keep it longer in length.

    luscious Hair
  • Mens Hair

    Mens hairstyling, washing and grooming

    Our Barbers has everything the modern man needs, from simple cuts to the latest hairstyle trends. There’s no need to book an appointment, just pop in and we’ll be happy to serve you.

    Mens Hair
  • AG 509 Professional Hair & Beauty Salon

    Welcome to AG 509 Liverpool. We are a professional hair and beauty salon providing all of the services both men and women could ever need to make themselves look amazing. Our premises at 509 Smithdown Road in Wavertree consist of a modern, creative hair salon and a nail bar , both are finished to an extremely high standard and for your comfort are fully air conditioned. So sit back and let our wonderful staff do what they do best, “pamper you”.

    AG 509 Professional Hair & Beauty Salon
  • AG Hair

    Styling, Colouring, perms and hair extensions

    In our Hair Salon you will find our highly experienced stylists ready to offer the latest cutting and styling techniques, redesigns, colouring and colour correction, perms, hair ups and Real Hair Extensions by Racoon.

    AG Hair

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I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and the friendly nature of the staff. I was offered a coffee while I waited to be seen, had a pleasant chat with the men's stylist, was very happy with my new hair style at a very reasonable price. Doesn't get better than that. 10/10–Johnny Ferry

I am a regular to this establishment, because of the excellent prices,Staff and quality of service. Add to that a plush surroundings. I have never been anywhere better.–Mrs C Jones Liverpool

My hairdresser at AG Liverpool has been styling my hair for six years now. He is an excellent hairdresser very professional, trustworthy and reliable and always gives you the end result you want. He also cuts my daughters hair and my older family members hair too, this is where He is an adaptable hairdresser to people of all ages. He did my hair on my wedding day which took hours to do, but the end result was amazing. He is full of ideas and inspiration for new trendy haircuts and colour, he is very creative and has a good eye. I wouldn''t want anyone else styling my hair.–Mrs D Dooley.